Personal Insurance


Personal Insurance

From homeowner’s insurance, personal property insurance, renter’s insurance and flood insurance, we are able to help when it comes to all things personal insurance. Our specialists can help you avoid any surprises.

Homeowner's Insurance

Are you protected against the loss of your valuable assets such as your home, contents and other structures on your property? Many homeowners purchase insurance to protect their property, not fully understanding what is actually covered, and under what circumstances. We’re here to help!

Personal Property Insurance

While your homeowner’s policy covers the loss of personal property such as jewelry, guns, camera equipment, etc. These contents are not covered for their full value if destroyed or lost. By adding an endorsement called Scheduled Personal Property, you can cover those valuables for the full cost of replacement.

Renters & Condo Insurance

These are special circumstances that require a specific type of policy. Be sure that your personal belongings are covered if you rent a home or apartment. While the condominium association carries insurance for damage to the roof and building, condominium insurance policies protect your personal belongings in your condo as well as damage to the internal walls that might be the result of a peril.

Flood Insurance

Do you need flood insurance? If you live near the beach, it’s pretty obvious that you need flood insurance. But did you know that 85% of all flood claims occur in non-special flood hazard zones such as near a lake or river? Our team of knowledgeable and resourceful agents can help you evaluate your need for flood insurance.

Wind Coverage Insurance

Along the Gulf Coast, windstorm coverage is a necessity. But what about tornadoes in the inland areas? Depending on your location, your homeowner’s policy may cover windstorm damage. It usually has a separate deductible equal to a percentage of the insured value of your home. Let our wind coverage team help you select a policy to protect your home.

Life Insurance

Life insurance can do more than protect your family with a permanent death benefit. Life insurance also has the ability to build cash value that could grow over time to provide added funds to your retirement income. As independent agents, Millsaps Insurance Agency can search the market place to identify good policy choices to meet your plans.

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