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Owners of townhomes or condominiums typically have different insurance requirements from regular homeowners. You own not only your particular condo but also a portion of the building’s shared facilities and overall framework.

Condo Insurance

Millsaps & Associates, Inc. is aware that a condo isn’t a standard house, and it calls for a particular kind of homeowner’s insurance coverage. Condominium associations do not provide protection, condominium insurance does. Condo and townhome insurance may cover your personal belongings, as well as, the furniture, appliances, kitchen, bathroom and other amenities inside your unit. Any upgrades you make, such as wall units, renovations and wallpaper, may be covered by your policy if you want to make upgrades. Condo insurance is an area of expertise for Millsaps & Associates, Inc. Ask us about coverage provided by condo insurance.

Reasons for Condo Insurance

• Smoke Harm
• Theft/Vandalism
• Accidental Plumbing Overflow
• Appliances that sustain
accidental electrical damage
• Protection from personal liability for
you, your spouse or any family
members residing with you
• Protection from allegations that
you are required by law to pay
• Payment for expenses incurred
while defending allegations made
against you
• Healthcare Costs for Others
• Benefits for Accidental Deaths

The grounds and common areas of your condominium complex may be covered by an insurance policy held by your condo association. Their coverage probably won’t cover your condo if an accident or theft happens inside of it, so you’ll need to have your own financial protection. Millsaps & Associates, Inc. can therefore customize an insurance policy to meet the specific requirements of condominium owners.

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